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According to many studies, e-bike users ride almost as hard as people on conventional bikes. They also ride for longer periods and use e-bikes instead of driving.
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A well written article and what we have been telling everyone who asks: you are going to be healthier if you ride a regular old bike and just the same for an eBike. Now the question becomes: which one will you ride the most?

The very picture of Happiness, Health and Well Being. Thanks Kala!

We Have Arrived

Jennifer Finney Boylan Nails It

And in Maine of all places- perhaps one of the best biking places in the world. Please have a quick look at this fabulous article published yesterday in the Opinion section of the NYT:

Jennifer Finney Boylan

“How an E-Bike Changed My Life”

If you have the time, be sure to read a few of the comments on the Times Blog- they will confirm what we know is happening: the eBike Revolution. It’s here to stay.

Jennifer describes what we are all learning: not only do eBikes get folks back out on the roads and trails, they serve as a vehicle for health and well-being. And eBikes can help a lot of us hang on to life for a little longer and a little better.

Here are some examples:

lisahoro from Hailey, Idaho:

Way too much judgement in these comments in my opinion. I have been mountain biking with the same group of women for 25 years. We are all now around 60: 10 years ago I was diagnosed with a heart condition that made it next to impossible for me to keep up aerobically. I thought I was done with the group and my husband gave me an ebike for my birthday 2 years ago. Wow: I can ride with my friends again! I am not surging up any hills running people over: I am riding in a group of women (6 to 8) all in our 60’s. A sport I have loved for so many years is now accessible to me again. Unfortunately, these bikes are misunderstood, and not allowed on many trails where I live. I remember well when mountain bikes first were designed with shocks and my friends at the Forest Service were convinced all trails in the mountains would be ruined by these shocks on mtn bikes. Guess what: they weren’t. E-bikes are another evolution in the design of bicycles and lets not keep our heads in the sand as our population ages- people out recreating is better than not. Get off your high horse about what you can do at your age. I wish I could, but I am doing my best.

Rich from Temecula:

I’m 56, an experienced cyclist, who bought a trek verve ebike last year for my 20 mile r/t hilly commute. I simply could not reliably do it every day by regular bike. However with my Bosch mid drive motor I can definitely do it every day, even if I’m feeling tuckered out by life or work. And it is definitely exercise, maybe easier, but plenty heart pumping. Ebikes are amazing. Mine replaced a car.

Julie from Cleveland Heights, Ohio:

In my mid 50’s I’ve only been cycling for three years. Several of the cyclists with whom I ride have been riding for decades. As many of them have aged into their 70’s and even into their 80’s they reluctantly purchased ebikes only to revel ecstatically in their athletic prowess of keeping up with us “youngins.” One gentleman gave up his regular bike at the age of 85 and now at the age of 88 paces us to an average of 18 mph over 2000 feet of climbing over 50 mile rides. Though a man of few words he smiles widely when we acknowledge him at the end of an arduous ride. Technology can be beautiful.

And be sure to read some of the negative or fearful comments- mostly related to safety and speed, but some challenge the health benefits of eBikes compared to traditional “human powered” bikes.

Of course, eBikes are “human powered” too- just ride one to find out-  you’ll see!

When you are ready- we are here for you.

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