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  1. That NYT article is very good. But it says nothing about putting motorized vehicles in bike lanes. The word “bicycle” means a device that is powered by its human rider, and motorized bicycles do not belong in bike lanes, even if some clever industry strategists back in the 80s called them “mopeds” or clever industry strategists today put an “e-” prefix in front of their names. A motorized vehicle is still a motorized vehicle, no matter what deceptive name you assign to it. If people want to use motorized vehicles on roads designed for motors, that’s legal, and if they want to use motorized vehicles that don’t rely on gasoline, whether they are small motorized bikes or a big Tesla Model X, so much the better. But there is absolutely no lack of taxpayer-subsidized places in our society for motorized vehicles. On the contrary, people are literally suffocating from so many motorized vehicles, and as and that NYT article point out, the great need is for safe places for non-motorized transit, and the great imbalance stems from our collective taxpayer resources being diverted to roads where only motorists feel safe to travel.

    1. You make an excellent point- for some time to come, there will continue to be many different vehicles, no matter what the power source. Eventually, one modality may replace another but the infrastructure is the key. Thanks for your comment!

  2. I am a 65 year young women and have been reading updates about the ebike/escooter law in NJ and understand it has been passed. I purchased a Razor Ecosmart Electric scooter, which has no pedals but is a large, sit down scooter. I am assuming that this scooter, which has a max throttle speed of 18 mph and is 500w, is now street legal, meaning I can ride it like a bicycle along the shoulder of the roads without needing to register it or have a special license. Am I mistaken to assume this? I live in the burbs….Lumberton, to be exact…not in a city so i wont be riding it on sidewalks OR leaving it lying around.

    1. Hi smr61754! Thanks for your note- I don’t get many comments on the posts so my apologies for the delay- Yes, it looks like your Electric Scooter complies with the new NJ law. Of course, that does not mean you won’t get checked on it- there has been no new training as yet for law enforcement agencies on the new law, so expect some confusion. The one thing that may be problematic is if they try to consider it an “eBike” it would not fit the definition in the new law because it does not have pedals that can propel it.

      I agree that it is really a variation of a “sit down scooter,” but it is too early to tell how it would be considered by law enforcement, if that even ever happened. Please keep me posted if you are riding it and share any challenging encounters you may have.

      Happy riding!

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