Apparently, these electric things have been around for some time now. Go figure.

Yep- electric bikes are nothing new- I was quite surprised at the early patents and the many renditions of Electric power on two wheels, starting back in the later 1800s. Check out the “Step Through” Fig. 4

Here is a great site to see the progress and timeline.

And.. Wait ’till you see what we have on display at our Verona Shop. We will have a nice presentation for you soon, but check this out- electric bicycles have been here about as long as electric light bulbs. But before that…

Soon, you can come see a “Springfield Roadster” on display in our Verona Shop. This is a very special bicycle that had been ridden on some very special rides. Stay tuned for our upcoming presentation of this beautiful and historical bicycle.

An Advertisement citing a bike endurance race on the Springfield Roadster, a very hot item in 1888.

We are excited to have the Springfield Roadster over at the shop- wait ’till you see it!!!!

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