Recovered from an old hard drive: Remembering Dad on February 12th

The Story of Jim Gilson’s rescue from his downed P47D, in the heat of a fire-fight between US Forces and retreating German Tank columns as told by the late Rev. Robert Schuller.

Some years ago now, the Rev. Robert Schuller created a very successful ministry which became one of the premier “TV Churches” of its time. Rev. Schuller was an uplifting and motivating speaker, no matter what the subject. This is his story of meeting my Dad, Lt. James A. Gilson, his Wingman, Lt. Walter Donovan and other Aces of World War II at a Reunion of the 405th.

It is an amazing story and the Photos are of happy times, close connections and revealing moments. I am glad I got that hard drive recovery gizmo finally working- remembering Dad on February 12th, with love.

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