Wow- it has really happened.

The biggest and best news today is the enactment of the HUGE (Trillion +) and contentious “Infrastructure Bill.”

We can now tell you just how to get up to $3,000 to own those eBikes you have been thinking of. It’s a tax credit- not a deduction. This means that if you buy an eBike for $1,500, you will get $1,500 back. Dollar for dollar. They really want you to buy an eBike! Or two.

I think there will now certainly be more customers ready to own eBikes than there will be eBikes available. The supply and demand thing. It is already tough for us to get new inventory- we have been lucky (not to mention the hard work) to have top-notch brands who have also been working hard to get us what we need and what you are asking for.

I see the crunch coming and am working on systems for our present and future clients, which will get them into a priority system for new eBikes- some may have not even been manufactured as yet! The supply chain stall is much more than a few hundred container ships in line at the US ports. No one will be able to tell with any level of comfort, when your eBike’s going to land. The system being developed will get you matched with the eBike of your 1st or 2nd choice and secured.

I will share more information about the release and active dates as we go, but this will give our customers a true advantage with eBike ownership.

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