You can now get up to $3,000 Tax Credit for Your New eBikes! Wow!

We are going to show you how!

Yes! It has happened! The landmark infrastructure legislation has now given you the opportunity to buy an eBike or two with a dollar-for-dollar tax credit (not a deduction!) to make it very easy for you to make the move to green. You can get reimbursed at tax time for the purchase of up to $3,000 for new eBikes. Wow!

“Electric bicycles open up the activity of bicycling to so many more people,” said Noa Banayan of People for Bikes, which helped write the bill. “You’re out in the weather for less time, it makes hills easier, and if you have a cargo e-bike, it makes going to the grocery store or getting your kids to school by bike a whole lot easier. That boost can do so much to break down the barriers to get people where they need to go.”

Noa Banayan of People for Bikes

Voltaire Cycles LLC is ready to assist you to take advantage of this excellent opportunrity so we can continue to meet one of our main corporate goals and purpose: the reduction of carbon emissions for our future generations.

Please stay tuned to our Voltaire Cycles websites and eBike shops, in Verona, NJ, Sarasota, Fl and Bend, Oregon for more information on exactly how to make this come true for you. It’s what we’ve all been waiting for.


Here is another excellent presentation of what this means for you, if you are planning on purchasing an eBike in the near future. Anyone who has purchased an eBike from our Votaire Cycles Shops this year may qualify, so please stay tuned and we will tell you how to do it!


“It’s money back in your pocket for riding a bike. It’s as simple as that,” Banayan emphasized.

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