Bet you did not know the history you are pedaling!

Another great NatGeo article by Roff Smith about the real history of bicycles. I guess we will need to plant a Voltaire Cycles in Coventry England before too long. We are on the way, for sure. Stay tuned- I will show you how it’s done…!

Who was the first balck athlete to break the color barrier in the United States of America?

A National and International Hero

E-Bikes Are Having Their Moment.

Thank you Brian Chen for your brilliant article in today’s New York Times


Please be sure to read this part:

“So it’s no surprise that e-bikes are now as difficult to buy as a bottle of hand sanitizer was a few weeks ago. In March, sales of e-bikes jumped 85 percent from a year earlier, according to the NPD Group, a research firm. Amazon, Walmart and Specialized are sold out of most models. Even smaller brands like Ride1Up and VanMoof have waiting lists.”

And We are ready for it. You are ready for it. I would trade it all to get back those countless lives lost around the Globe, and we remain heartbroken. We all need to shine light on the darkness and I am grateful to be able to shine any light I can.

E-Bikes- any bikes, promote health and well-being. Simple as that. We need to promote that everywhere to everyone. We have a true community- which is a goodness we all can share. Let’s ride in that direction.

Thanks to all.