Voltaire Cycles Retail v. the Big Picture

Although very non-scientific, have a look at these two graphic representations:

And, it is only half-way through May!

This tells us that we can be hopeful that we will not only survive the COVID crisis, but our Franchises are now beating all the odds just to fulfill the online orders we have seen, especially in the past 30 days.

And they are not even open yet for full in-store retail sales!

If you are thinking about establishing and running your own independant and profitable business, especially now because of the dramatic economic changes the country is experiencing, you would be contacting us at exactly the right time. I would be more tha happy to connect with anyone who is looking for a better way as we all begin to recover from this global disaster.

Thank you and I am looking forward to connecting!

Author: Jamie

I am proud to be part of the rapidly developing personal electric mobility vehicle industry and looking forward to sharing the best of it with you!