The eRevolution Continues even through Our COVID Crisis

After posting those snapshots of retail trends yesterday, I awoke to read this very comprehensive article by Christina Goldbaum for the New York Times: “Thinking of Buying a Bike? Get Ready for a Very Long Wait.”

We have some short lines and a few back-orders over at our Corporate Flagship but nothing like what we are seeing at traditional bike shops. And we are doing our best to fulfull the amazing number of online orders and inquiries coming to our shop. It is so busy, we simply cannot handle all of the calls and visits the way we are used to. My thanks to all of our customers and colleagues for your patience through this tough time.

Even better, our new franchise partners in the Denver Colorado area have been receiving and fulfilling more orders than our corporate flagshhip for the Month of April and will most likely beat the company store again in May.

If you are currently on our list of Voltaire Cycles Franchise candidates, this can be very significant. To those of you who are now thinking of making new plans for your future because of the COVID health crisis, now is the time to contact us for more information so you can get on our candidate list for consideration as a new Voltaire Cycles Franchise Partner!

Voltaire Cycles Franchises

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