Safety First

it is beginning to look like these scooter fleets simply cannot offer the same safety and support that ownership does. It would be interesting to compare the number of accidents and injuries for rental fleet scooters to the number if accidents and injuries occurring on scooters actually owned and maintained by the rider.

My very un-scientific guess is that scooter for scooter, the injuries and accidents are much less. There are a few things ownership offers that large scooter fleet rental does not. And just like how one thinks of and treats a rental car compared to a car owned and operated by the driver, (c’mon now… we all have had that mind-set, even if only for a moment) we just don’t take on a lot of personal responsibility when the consequences are less.

This is why these scooters are being outlawed in city after city and state after state. In fact, this became a major sticking point in the passage of our recent New Jersey eBike law: eBikes okay- scooters… not so much. In fact, the implementation of these scooter fleets, most recently in Hoboken NJ, were quickly becoming the reason that our eBike legislation was becoming too “heavy” to get through the legislature and on to the the Governor’s desk.

But… thanks to our wise and dedicated legislature, we can now ride eBikes without fear of being “illegal” in New Jersey. Scooters? Well… stay tuned.

If you actually own one, you are probably going to be just fine.

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