Yes! New York City Can!

Just when you thougt it was not possible- just when many of our traditional bike shop owners in the New York areA were thinking of another line of work- we have a silver lining in a very dark cloud.

Our traditional bike shop owners are seeing unprecidented interest in bicycles in New York and we are very happy for all.

Click on the picture to read Sasha von Oldershausen’s excellent article in today’s New York Times

“New York has steadily been making improvements to biking infrastructure, both in response to the pandemic (it is working to open up 100 miles of its streets to cyclists, with 67 miles cleared so far), as well as staying committed to its long-term plans.”

New York City Bike Map- Let’s Ride!!!

Bet you did not know the history you are pedaling!

Another great NatGeo article by Roff Smith about the real history of bicycles. I guess we will need to plant a Voltaire Cycles in Coventry England before too long. We are on the way, for sure. Stay tuned- I will show you how it’s done…!

Who was the first balck athlete to break the color barrier in the United States of America?

A National and International Hero

E-Bikes Are Having Their Moment.

Thank you Brian Chen for your brilliant article in today’s New York Times


Please be sure to read this part:

“So it’s no surprise that e-bikes are now as difficult to buy as a bottle of hand sanitizer was a few weeks ago. In March, sales of e-bikes jumped 85 percent from a year earlier, according to the NPD Group, a research firm. Amazon, Walmart and Specialized are sold out of most models. Even smaller brands like Ride1Up and VanMoof have waiting lists.”

And We are ready for it. You are ready for it. I would trade it all to get back those countless lives lost around the Globe, and we remain heartbroken. We all need to shine light on the darkness and I am grateful to be able to shine any light I can.

E-Bikes- any bikes, promote health and well-being. Simple as that. We need to promote that everywhere to everyone. We have a true community- which is a goodness we all can share. Let’s ride in that direction.

Thanks to all.

The eRevolution Continues even through Our COVID Crisis

After posting those snapshots of retail trends yesterday, I awoke to read this very comprehensive article by Christina Goldbaum for the New York Times: “Thinking of Buying a Bike? Get Ready for a Very Long Wait.”

We have some short lines and a few back-orders over at our Corporate Flagship but nothing like what we are seeing at traditional bike shops. And we are doing our best to fulfull the amazing number of online orders and inquiries coming to our shop. It is so busy, we simply cannot handle all of the calls and visits the way we are used to. My thanks to all of our customers and colleagues for your patience through this tough time.

Even better, our new franchise partners in the Denver Colorado area have been receiving and fulfilling more orders than our corporate flagshhip for the Month of April and will most likely beat the company store again in May.

If you are currently on our list of Voltaire Cycles Franchise candidates, this can be very significant. To those of you who are now thinking of making new plans for your future because of the COVID health crisis, now is the time to contact us for more information so you can get on our candidate list for consideration as a new Voltaire Cycles Franchise Partner!

Voltaire Cycles Franchises

A Jeepster for Your Love

Thanks to Bill Murray, Jeep and the Super Bowl, it looks like we may have a chance to add Jeep eBikes to our roster of fine products. But, we will have to put it through it’s paces and if it meets our Voltaire Cycles standards.

But, being a “Jeep” and all that, I don’t imagine we will have any hesitation! Stay tuned to our newsletters to see if you can come test ride one of these.

Bill seemed to like it. Not sure about the groundhog?!?!!

And it Keeps Getting Better and Better

What a year! 2019 will go down as the largest single-year gain in sales volume…ever!

The Voltaire Cycles pilot store in Verona New Jersey is about to announce a 100% gain over the previous year’s sales revenue. For the first time in its history, the little 980 sq ft. store exceeded 1 million in gross sales and continues to maintain this record-breaking pace!

This new reality has prompted us to ask what’s changed from previous years’ record sales?



We have identified at least 3 areas of change that prompted this year’s unprecedented surge. Specifically: State legislation in our home state passed in early May of this year legalizing the sales and use of light-electric vehicles along all public roadways where bicycles are permitted; 2. A much more favorable opinion of personal electric vehicles by community leaders, planners, and commuters;  3. Our newly expanded product catalog, which now includes complete replacement parts and accessories for our biggest brand sellers. The Voltaire Cycles catalog is the most comprehensive catalog for LEV to date and attracts tens of thousands of visitors each week. You can visit the pilot shop’s website at to gain a new perspective on how our catalog is expanding.

The year 2020 will undoubtedly begin where 2019 left-off. Colorado’s first Voltaire Cycles franchise is in the final stages of build-out and will be open by the 2nd or 3rd week of January. In spite of the store’s building delays (due to an unusual backup of permit requests at the municipal building department), their Voltaire Cycles website has been attracting visitors far and wide and has also made a few big-ticket item sales.

We are extremely excited to announce some changes to our FDD for 2020 and as well – the addition of our first Oregon franchise which is slated to open in the second quarter of 2020. Our new franchise partner is now scouting property locations in his hometown of Bend –  which is a mecca for outdoor adventure sports. A big focus of this particular new Voltaire Cycles franchise will be on the high-powered off-roading vehicle market. We are extremely excited to be experimenting on some of the upper limits of power and speed and how that might play on our catalog of vehicles and resources.

With the continued presence of PEVs at all levels of community transit, we’ve seen a pronounced increase in police department interest – either in purchasing their own vehicles for patrol duties or in discussing strategic partnerships. Several municipalities here in New Jersey have adopted the e-scooter as their principal neighbor patrolling vehicle.  This has prompted us to look at newer suppliers for accessories and replacement parts which will eventually become necessary in order to support municipal fleets of these vehicles. Website visitor traffic and phone calls from municipalities submitting RFPs have increased dramatically in the last quarter of 2019. This market could become a goldmine for franchise owners if they so choose.

So put on your riding gear, buckle up that helmet,  and prepare yourself for the ride of a lifetime. Voltaire Cycles is carving itself a large piece of the pie in this new era of micro-mobility. I know from personal experience that nothing good or worth having comes without considerable cost and a lot of hard work. Each Voltaire Cycles Franchise has the potential to develop into a mega-store generating millions in revenue for its owners. But attaining this holy grail of business goals will often test you in ways you would never expect. It’s usually that way with any venture.

We chose this path – for the adventure; for the thrill of the hunt; for the extreme highs and the occasional lows; for the endless parade of problems that plague any business; for the high-fives and giant grins;  and for each new partnership that develops around each corner.  Being a part of a new industry, helping riders achieve better health while contributing to a more sustainable future makes this journey almost too good to be true.

Stay true to your vision, don’t let any setback completely derail your quest, and keep reaching for that holy grail – whatever that grail may represent.

Ride on, Ride fast, Ride free,

To learn more about Voltaire Cycles Franchise offerings, visit us at 



What’s good for the Goose..?

So, it seems that there is some funny business going on with the New York Legislation for eBikes and Scooters again. What? Safety measures inexplicably deleted from the final bill? Of course Gov. Cuomo vetoed it- safety is the whole purpose of the proposed law and someone worked hard to get the helmet requirements deleted.

So here’s my question to you: why would a safety provision, like mandatory helmet requirements for scooter rentals, be removed from a bill making these eMobility vehicles legal to own and operate in New York?

Think about it- you know the answer. If you want to do something about it, let us know!

We Have Arrived

Jennifer Finney Boylan Nails It

And in Maine of all places- perhaps one of the best biking places in the world. Please have a quick look at this fabulous article published yesterday in the Opinion section of the NYT:

Jennifer Finney Boylan

“How an E-Bike Changed My Life”

If you have the time, be sure to read a few of the comments on the Times Blog- they will confirm what we know is happening: the eBike Revolution. It’s here to stay.

Jennifer describes what we are all learning: not only do eBikes get folks back out on the roads and trails, they serve as a vehicle for health and well-being. And eBikes can help a lot of us hang on to life for a little longer and a little better.

Here are some examples:

lisahoro from Hailey, Idaho:

Way too much judgement in these comments in my opinion. I have been mountain biking with the same group of women for 25 years. We are all now around 60: 10 years ago I was diagnosed with a heart condition that made it next to impossible for me to keep up aerobically. I thought I was done with the group and my husband gave me an ebike for my birthday 2 years ago. Wow: I can ride with my friends again! I am not surging up any hills running people over: I am riding in a group of women (6 to 8) all in our 60’s. A sport I have loved for so many years is now accessible to me again. Unfortunately, these bikes are misunderstood, and not allowed on many trails where I live. I remember well when mountain bikes first were designed with shocks and my friends at the Forest Service were convinced all trails in the mountains would be ruined by these shocks on mtn bikes. Guess what: they weren’t. E-bikes are another evolution in the design of bicycles and lets not keep our heads in the sand as our population ages- people out recreating is better than not. Get off your high horse about what you can do at your age. I wish I could, but I am doing my best.

Rich from Temecula:

I’m 56, an experienced cyclist, who bought a trek verve ebike last year for my 20 mile r/t hilly commute. I simply could not reliably do it every day by regular bike. However with my Bosch mid drive motor I can definitely do it every day, even if I’m feeling tuckered out by life or work. And it is definitely exercise, maybe easier, but plenty heart pumping. Ebikes are amazing. Mine replaced a car.

Julie from Cleveland Heights, Ohio:

In my mid 50’s I’ve only been cycling for three years. Several of the cyclists with whom I ride have been riding for decades. As many of them have aged into their 70’s and even into their 80’s they reluctantly purchased ebikes only to revel ecstatically in their athletic prowess of keeping up with us “youngins.” One gentleman gave up his regular bike at the age of 85 and now at the age of 88 paces us to an average of 18 mph over 2000 feet of climbing over 50 mile rides. Though a man of few words he smiles widely when we acknowledge him at the end of an arduous ride. Technology can be beautiful.

And be sure to read some of the negative or fearful comments- mostly related to safety and speed, but some challenge the health benefits of eBikes compared to traditional “human powered” bikes.

Of course, eBikes are “human powered” too- just ride one to find out-  you’ll see!

When you are ready- we are here for you.

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